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Our products

Data based optimisation for commerce

Using historical store data with statistics and machine learning for optimising store offerings.


Linxy helps you quickly obtain information when reading books or magazines. Simply point Linxy on a text and instantly obtain word explanations or definitions. Learn new words and facts, quickly and with style. Augmented reality and fast automatic text recognition.


Teleport yourself and your friends' faces to amazing photo templates or between people on your own photos. Join hundreds of thousands of teleporters around the world :) Photorealistic and automatic face blending. Automatic face detection. Beautiful, fun and amazing templates. Available for iPhone and Android.


Amazing and easy to use software for fixing your photos. Retouch, improve and repair pictures. Remove watermarks. Erase unwanted date, objects, tourists from images. Retouch faces and blemishes. Denoise, sharpen, improve brightness.

Custom projects

Graph databases

Custom multi-tier database solutions for storing an object graph, with various data editing operations, visualisation and time and memory optimised algorithms.


Record video of your run with iPhone camera and get automatic analysis of your running technique. Run faster, reduce injuries and improve your running style. Automatic pose analysis using computer vision. Visit RunForm and download the app for iPhone now. This is a project with blackslide.

Our services

We work with clients to create valuable products and intelligent technologies. Custom projects we've developed for selected clients include data processing software and databases, data analysis and insights, analytical studies and software development. We've also helped clients build mobile and tablet iPhone and Android apps. Please get in touch if we can develop a custom software solution for your needs. We focus on:

Previous projects for clients

  • Machine learning, computer vision and data processing products
  • Computer vision running human pose detection
  • Algorithm R&D, analysis, development and optimization
  • Analytical studies and research
  • Mobile app design and development
  • Data crunching and insights